Who We Are, What We Do...

SITREN is a highly professional team of  Plastic Scrap Traders in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.  We specialize in sourcing and supplying/trading of plastics scrap from all over the world for recycling purpose.

At Sitren we deal with almost all the shapes and grades of plastics - regrind, lumps, powder, bales/bundles and more. Materials handled include PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, PC, PMMA, PVC, ABS etc. Apart from scraps, we also handle off-grade, plant-sweep plastic materials from post-industrial to post-consumer.

We also have our base in Bangalore and Mumbai and are constantly growing to other cities in India and worldwide.

In today's world where technology is catapulting the growth in every field, SITREN feels that the field of plastic recycling and trading has still a long mile to go. Our motto is to transform the world of plastic trading with the amalgamation of the technology and our ability to liaise buyers with suppliers around the globe.

All in all, we thrive to do what we do with intensity and integrity so that our customers can rely on us and we deliver what we say we will. We invite you all to feel the difference and ease what we have on offer. We invite you all to experience the new world of plastic trading.

Who We are What we do


At Sitren, as plastic Scrap traders, we do business like no one else. We are a team of highly skilled professionals from different industries and thrive on
the latest business solutions to help us know our customers better - and in turn, serve them better. This spans from in-house analytical tools to highly sophisticated CRM and accounting software.

Our internal analytics tool helps us gain some insights into the world of plastic scrap trading, the parameters affecting business, and get ready to deal with the challenges. This ability empowers us to have a solution ready by the time the problem knocks at the door. This also helps us speed up our operations, ruling our the delay in delivery to you.

Our partnership with the CRM vendor helps us organize our customers well, know them better and hence serve them better.

This leverage of the technology helps SITREN run its operations smoothly and we aim our focus to supplying our customers the best there is in the plastic recycling and trading industry. The use of block-chain for BL to facilitate our plastic trading partners from around the globe to do away operational delay and cumbersomeness of international border procedures is in incubation and we look forward to introducing it soon.

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Know Our Customers...

Within a short span of SITREN's existence, we have been able to fulfil the plastic recycling needs of customers in double digits and the number is growing increasingly with each passing day. We solely attribute this successful launch to our highly committed team. Our plastic trading partners are running their operations from Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Dubai, China apart from India.

Our Customers

Next Steps...

Drop us an email and have us know the materials you are interested in, and we will take it on from there.